Extraordinary Adventure of

Jakub Ziemkiewicz


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Hallo fellow sailors!

My name is Jacob Ziemkiewicz, I have just started the second part of my life century, and all I can say about myself is, “born to sail, but forced to work!”
I can’t remember when I started sailing, but it must be long before my first tooth, and since then, I remember my dreams were always heaving on the far seas waves.

ClassGlobe 5.80 Building Blog


For laminating I had asked for help from professional boat builder Piotr Czarniecki , who built the 5.80 prototype “Trekka” Hull 01 and constantly provides help to other boat-builders [...]


Planking was a time consuming job, and I got my friend to help me with that. We started with side panels from astern. It was taking a lot of [...]


When all the frames into their positions, I fitted the bunk sides, and cockpit sides, to see if distances between the frames were correct Then I made a stem [...]

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Photo credit Number 38 Rafal Moszczynski and ATOM Piotr Czarniecki.

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