Published On: July 1st, 2024

Keel was a plasma cut from 16 mm steel plate for the fin and 10 mm plate for the top plate.

Welded by my friend Irek, who is a professional welder with 25 years of experience in welding.

But before that I’ve used a ready made top plate as a template to mark and drill for the keel bolts.

When welding was done I went to the testing center to check for the cracks. Testing had found one small crack which was taken out by grinding it back.

Then I melted 150 kg of lead and poured it into two concrete molds. Deliberately making them too heavy to be sure I will have enough weight after shaving them and drilling for the bolts.

Both halves were glued to the fin by the epoxy, filled and sanded and painted with Jotun epoxy paint Jotamastic 80

Total weight, steel work galvanized 110 kg

Lead 134.2

Epoxy and paint 0.7 kg

Bolts, nuts washers 0.65


Total = 245.55 kg

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