Published On: September 28th, 2022

To make the stern took me about 19 hours, the most of time was taken by thinking of the process and consultations with Piotr Czarniecki, who is a professional builder and really nice fellow (he made the Trekka, the very first of that class)

To achieve the best symmetry of the hull, every element was cut from doubled trims, to have them as twins

And checking geometry by measuring diagonals

Some of the joints got extra pieces to reinforce them

For glueing I used epoxy resin LH145 and hardener H533, with a ratio 100:35 grams

Reinforced with micro-cotton, and thickened by aerosil

Compressed with weight and stainless-steel screws

Before screws, I have poured some resin into the holes, for better grip

Altogether I’ve spent 91 hours to make all frames

Transom AFT side

Transom FWD side

Frame A 2260 AFT

Frame A FWD side

Frame B

Frame C FWD side

Frame C AFT side

Frame D 2266 AFT

Frame D FWD side

Frame D

Frame E FWD side

Frame E AFT side

Frame S AFT side

Frame S FWD side

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