Published On: April 28th, 2023

For laminating I had asked for help from professional boat builder Piotr Czarniecki , who built the 5.80 prototype “Trekka” Hull 01 and constantly provides help to other boat-builders like me.

We started with reinforcement on the joining areas

Then we applied rowing (1000g) with epoxy

Next stage was to grind off where mats were overlapping and prepare the whole area for filing applications.

As a filler I used the same epoxy with hardener with addition of microballoon to achieve consistency of mayonnaise

To sand everything nicely and apply more filler and sand again and fill and sand and fill and sand to achieve nice body shape it took me over a month and lots of energy

After all Ive painted three coats of epoxy paint Jotun Jomastic 90

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