Published On: January 17th, 2024

Sanding. Again!!!

It took 5 full days, tons of sanding paper and gallons of sweat to get it sanded in every tiny corner, to prepare for glueing and epoxy painting

Building the interior was uplifting for my spirit, as I could create some of my personal ideas. Adding the next elements, bunks, galley, nav table; it was such a pleasure to see the boat growing and taking shape

Often I had Tymon, a young engineer to come and check the quality of my work

Crashbox was filled with polystyrene aeroboard and glued with expanding foam.

The forward cabin was divided into 5 independent watertight compartments

As the boat gets more livable, more visitors are coming. I even thought to get friendly and keep it for company but then realized I won’t be single-handed then

Then again I had asked Piotr Czarniecki to come to check and approve my work and help me with laminating the deck

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